Day 1 – I am Hungry

How to raise food equality via food waste reduction?

In Taiwan there is enough food for everyone, yet nearly 2000 children suffer from hunger and malnutrition daily, which happens to tens of thousands of elderly and homeless people as well.

We therefore wondered how to combine these two problems: reduce waste of food and end the hunger. The idea came up as building a bridge to connect waste of food to desire of food. At this very first beginning, we put effort to discuss and observe with interview and shadowing to mature the idea. The followings are problems we found.


  • People has no idea what organization to donate.
  • Trust to the donation organization is decreasing as people cannot easily track their donation.
  • Hungry children and families need flat channel to raise help.
  • Shipment of food cost too much, making entry barrier of donation too high.

Solution I:I AM HUNGRY

As a result, we make a first version of solution: I AM HUNGRY.
We create a technology to bridge the need and waste, enabling businesses to make a reduction in disposal costs for providing meals to communities in need.

How It Works

I AM HUNGRY is a website and network collecting information from both food giver and food receiver while matching them appropriately with drivers.

For Food Giver

People with surplus food could request a pickup through our platform. A driver will rescue and deliver the food to our partnership organization in need. Meanwhile, the giver can check the food flow and their impact via tracking system on our website.

For Driver

Taxi drivers are the people who drive all the day around the city. We focus on this group to encourage them becoming our food hero to deliver food. They can see the request from food givers on website and check if they can make the shipment. At the same time, they will get meal or food as reward from food giver.

For Food Receiver

Organization, poor children or families can sign up on our website or contact us directly. We will select hungry proven groups in need and confirm with them. They will finally be put on our website forms for food delivery.

Observation and New Problems

After the born of brief idea, we decide to talk with some food givers, taxi drivers and food receivers. Additional problems then jumped up to the page as the following.

  • Interview with Food Givers / Restaurant Owners
    1. Providing from food givers might not be stable and enough.
    2. Restaurant owners have already had existing cooperation partners that would ship their food surplus everyday for free.
    3. Restaurants do not want to pay any effort including fee or time for food giving.
  • Interview with Taxi Drivers
    1. Willingness of taxi drivers to make the shipment is incredibly low if only reward them meal or food.
    2. Taxi drivers will confirm the shipment only if the distance are appropriate and pickup place is nearby.
  • Shadowing with Food Receivers
    1. Delivering process and giving place need to be confirmed.
Observation in Mengxia Park
Observation in Mengxia Park


We create a technology to bridge the need and waste, enabling businesses to make a reduction in disposal costs for providing meals to communities in need.

Basically, the solution only make small adjustment comparing with solution I. The adjustment is mainly about Food Driver.

Food Drivers are no longer be seek from taxi drivers, but more volunteer.
Our network depends on the support of concerned cities citizens to deliver practical and proven solutions that get food to hungry children and families. We hope to encourage drivers to make more volunteer and concern by giving them honors stickers.

For food givers, we would focus on food surplus from restaurant to gain more stable and daily food. Moreover, we will reduce their cost as much as possible while giving them honors stickers to attract them for donation.

Sticker Designs
Sticker Designs

Our Wish

We want to make our contribution from design, technology and marketing skills to help build and strengthen food usage systems worldwide and feed millions of people by rescuing billions of pounds of food.



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