Day 2 – PushCampus

PushCampus – A Campus Announcement Platform


In our current Taiwanese campus, there’s no existing method to push notifications
to students efficiently. Most of the schools use old fashion emails to announce big campus issue; however, email about small campus events became annoying. And, for those student clubs or vendors near campus are having problem to push their latest notification to their audience, or having difficulties in running their Facebook fan page.

Solution: PushCampus – A Campus Announcement Platform

Therefore, we brought out our solution, PushCampus. It’s an app that allows people to post a new announcement or subscribe certain kinds of announcement with flexibilities.


To analysis this idea from a higher view, we can divide it into three components: Information Provider, Announcement Content, and Subscriber.

1 – Information Provider

We’ve listed out three types of people would have demands in announcing information toward all the people on campus:

  1. students on campus: valid student account is required
  2. campus faculties: represent school officials
  3. vendor on campus or nearby areas: pay for each post

2 – Announcement Content

Since there will be different kinds of announcement running on the campus. So, we designed the idea of hashtags and Groups which will explain later. For general essential announcement Groups could be followings:

  1. Class Information: students subscribe the classes they currently taking, so they can get synced with the latest class announcement
  2. School Announcement: important school news published by the school officials
  3. Club Activity: club events that you mind be interested in
  4. Free Food: free food that provided by some school or club events
  5. Special Event: certain big campus event such as school’s day or Mei-Chu tournament
  6. Popular Facebook Group: keep sync with the biggest Facebook groups on campus such as 告白xx, 靠北xx, and 八卦xx
  7. Athletic Game: get live information of ongoing games on campus
  8. Special Offer: coupons or other promotions offered by vendors on campus or near by areas

3 – Subscriber

There’s no limitation for the subscribers, it could be students, faculties, or people who live close to the campus. And, we could even design a website layout of any people in public to read or search the announcement easily online.

Brainstorming of Components
Brainstorming of Components

Object Design Logic

Object – Announcement

That is, we designed a object call Announcement, which contains:

  1. Author: the author of this announcement, including the three types of people mentioned above: students, school faculties, and vendors.
  2. Hashtags: more than one hashtag
  3. Content: the content text of the announcement

Object – Group

And, in order to provide better user experience in searching or subscribing announcements of interests, we brought an object design called Group. It’s a faster way for people to subscribe a bunch of hashtags regarding to the certain topics in the same time, which means that we may have Groups like: “School Announcement”, “Free Goods/Foods”, “Campus Concerts”, etc.

In each Group object, we have following items:

  1. Name / Description: to indicate the purpose of the group
  2. Hashtags: a bunch of hashtags belongs to this group
Flow and Object Mockup
Flow and Object Mockup

User Scenarios

Free Food from Speech Host

  1. Season is responsible for speech assigned by school. She wants to promote the event and deal with excess free food on that day.
  2. Season then thought of PushCampus app, and she post it to promote.
  3. Peter is a student really interested in free food. He has already subscribed “FreeFood” channel on the app. He then received the announcement post by Season.
  4. Peter read and liked the post. He then happily went to the speech and got the free food.
  5. Season finished the speech host and attracted enough people, while delivering free food. Everyone is happy!

Promotion of a Food Food Restaurant

  1. A vendor owner, Poor Heron, found their restaurant sold poorly last month and would like to find out a way to promote the restaurant. So, he pulled out his phone and add a new campus announcement on PushCampus with a tittle: “Free Drink for every customer” and the link of their Facebook fan page.
  2. A poor student received the popup message and definitely want to try it for the free drink.
  3. Therefore, the sale of the restaurant increases by this successful promotion.

Immediate Broadcasting of sports event

  1. A college student, Tom, was looking forward to watching a girl’s volleyball game. However, he forgot that he hasn’t finished the midterm report yet and thus he couldn’t go to the game.
  2. Tom then thought of PushCampus app, and follow the content pushed by the event organizer.
  3. Consequently, the student can write the report and follow the immediate broadcasting from the app at the same time!

Business Model

In order to support the cost of the operations, we’ve came up with three methods to earn the revenue.

1 – Freemium Model

We offer free version for basic usages such as subscribing Groups of interests and post plain text announcements; however, we charge for advance usages such as special contents of announcements, which could be videos, QR code, etc.

2 – Charge per Announcement for Vendors

Since vendors may use this app to promote their product or services, charging them for corresponding fee became reasonable. The fee is based on the amount of people the announcement we’ve delivered. For example, if one restaurant wants to promote their new coupon to people who subscribe #freedrink (30,000 subscribers), then the restaurant will be charged 30,000 * R (a constant ratio) dollars.

3 – Advertisement

If the app is run successfully on campus, it will have certain amount of user base; therefore, we could embed the advertisement sidebar in our app.


We’ve brought our a video of three different scenarios, and an user inferface mockup to illustrate our idea. See our site for further information.


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