Day 3 – LoserCaca

How to stop being a loser?


In Taiwan, “Loser” is a common way for people to call themselves on the Internet platforms such as Facebook, PTT (Taiwanese BBS), etc. People may say this is a way for Taiwanese people to be humble and polite while it indicates that others do better jobs than themselves; however, it’s actually a serious problem in Taiwan that people are being pessimistic toward their life and unwilling to pursue their personal achievement.

This problem can be seem in lots of Internet platforms easily. For example, on our largest BBS site, PTT, there are over 600 posts with the keyword “Loser” in its title in one of the channels. On Facebook, there are lots of Fan Pages with tens of thousands of likes with contents full of pessimistic stories. People enjoy the time posting their own poor stories such as being single and having no courage to speak out, or stories about complaining the existing society problems but having no intend to deal the problem.

As this “Loser” attitude became a popular and common life attitude in Taiwan, people who obtain the resources and opportunities are unwilling to improve themselves or the society. In the end, we lost chances to actually solve the problem and bring a better environment for our whole environment. Moreover, as time goes by, things go worse.

Workshop Members Working on the Topic
Workshop Members Working on the Topic


The phenomenon actually formed by complex causes. From the view of environment and the overall culture, Taiwanese is not encouraged to be distinctive and afraid of any failure. As a result, people give up their chances to challenge the problem.

From the view of the education, parents in Taiwan usually only wish their children got great grades at school and suppress their development on the other fields such as music or sport; the education in Taiwan also primarily focus on study. Therefore, when people cannot get great enough score, they may consider themselves as “Loser”, but they will not try other fields or interests to show they can do something really well.

The above facts have created a vicious cycle which results in some of young Taiwanese are afraid of the instability, and having bad execution ability and social adaptability. These people usually have some special personality, such as indulging in playing video game, and social awkwardness. Based on the the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the “Loser” has already met the requirements in the lower level. They have enough resource to satisfy their safety and security needs or other levels below the self-actualization needs, but they get stuck between the need of self-actualization and the esteem. However, the “Loser” gives up to challenge or do anything to solve the problems. The only thing they do is keep complaining about their life.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs of Losers
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs of Losers

The phenomenon cause some serious problems in our society. The attitude of the “Loser” influence the social atmosphere to become more pessimistic and negative. Moreover, they occupy the resources and opportunities but do not use them efficiently or even give up them and the whole society get stuck as well.

Solution – Loser Caca

Therefore, we’ve brought out an App idea to solve this problem of “Loser” attitude. It’s an App that help provider following things:

  1. Posts of others’ successful stories
  2. Information of being a outgoing, socialized, positive person
  3. Support group

The three features are well designed for people who have a “Loser” attitude, the followings are the details regarding to each feature.

Posts of others’ successful stories

It’s a Facebook-like global post stream, any user can post their successful stories in stop being a loser. The purpose of this is to design a positive environment which encourages the users to start doing something to pursue their personal goal.

The content will be like followings:

  1. “Finally, admitted by my dream school!”
  2. “LOL, I feel so energetic everyday now (with a photo of working out).”

Information of being a Positive Person

The app will provide collected data toward how to have an optimistic life, which will be pretty helpful. The information includes the following topics:

  • Clothing: how to dress nicely which indicates your bright lifestyle, or attracts others
  • Sport: tips for doing sports regularly, so the person will have a strong and health body
  • Activity: some social activities for the user to attend where he or she can meet new friends and learn from others

Support Group

This would be the most important feature of this app, it’s a support group with members having the same problem. The group will also include one mentor who leads the conversion and set weekly goals for each member.

Member will talk about their weekly process in the group, and post any problem that they are facing with an expectation of getting supported by other members or the mentor.

The support group will also optionally include real meet up workshops, which is designed for bringing better face to face experience.

LoserCaca App Mockup
LoserCaca App Mockup

Business Model

We’ve came up with three ideas for bringing income:

  1. 3rd Party Partnership: companies such as cloth stores, activity planner may be interested in putting advertisement on our information page which should be charged by us.
  2. Freemium Model: reading information or posts is free on our platform; however, joining the support group should be paid since that we may have to pay the mentors. Two types of paid services will be provide: offline chatroom, chatroom with real workshop meet up.
  3. Donation from Businesses: we bring a positive for businesses who join us


We found difficulties in finding people who would admit themselves as a “Loser” and also like to join our interview in the same time. Therefore, we found people who knows “Loser” friend, and see how they describe the losers.



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