Day 4 – InstaCast

How can I share my singing?


Taiwan used to be central center of Asia music, but it lost its leader position as digital music and technology shaped the whole industry. Through observing nearby countries which stepping forward in new music industry, we could find out the way they make their music evolution successfully.

Why Other Countries Success in Music Industry

  • Mature Music Industry Environment
  • Great Habits and Mindset of “User Pays”
  • Large Enough Market from Japan Physical and Digital Market, supporting Japanese Music Artists Without Need to Develop Oversea Market

South Korea

  • “Idol” and Its Relative Production Marketing
  • Simple Rhythm and Attractive Dance
  • Combination of Technology, Drama, Tourism to Expose Worldwide
  • Take Advantage of Technology, such as 3D Interaction Mode, VR or AR Performance into International Live Show or Latest MV to Create Brand New Experience

Key for Taiwanese Music Development – Indie Music Players

Taiwanese indie music players have great power to create new music, leading Taiwan music trend nowadays, such as Tizzy Bac. However indie music players are emerging but have no experience and need help for promoting and financial consulting.
That is, the real need for Taiwanese music is:
Digital Innovation + New Promotion Channel + Interaction for Users and Music Players

Why Indie Music Players in Taiwan are Hard to Be Successful

  • No New Innovation Music Mode:Taiwanese Music Industry does not create innovation mode ex: digital platform, online music string
  • No Much Promotion Channel:Taiwanese Users has few way to interact with Music Players, thus new or indie music performers hardly to promote themselves
  • No Fixed Income for New Music Players:Small market place for indie music performers

Solution:InstaCast – an Live Streaming app for Amateur and Indie Music Players

To solve the three below main problems, we create an app called InstaCast. The basic concept of app design is live streaming show which provides a convenient and closed channel for music performers and audience to interact, share and create better music experience.

User Component of InstaCast


Performers are people who create any kinds of music performance lively in InstaCast. Our app focus on amateur performers and indie music players seeking for exposure opportunities by providing better recording function and real-time feedback response.

Function Provided

  • Personal profile for showing personal music rules, interests and introduction
  • Real-time performance recording and playing
  • Music accompaniment when recording (optional)
  • Money donation from fans and activities hold by InstaCast
  • Record of users’ feedback including donation, likes and comments
  • Internal message for getting fans’ encourage


Users are audience who watch, listen the music performance on InstaCast. The audience could follow their preferred performers and make little donation to support them. They can also find out new music type, share their comment and connect with performers, even whole music, thus contributing to music industry evolution.

Function Provided

  • Various music live performance and rich music taste choice
  • Real-time comments, likes and donation to improve preferred performers’ music
  • Music Order that users can ask performer to play assigned specific music with donation
  • Following preferred performers and sharing the show on other social media
  • Internal message to get closer interaction with performers
  • Notification when following performers start performing

Business Model

Virtual Money in InstaCast (Mainly)

Users can buy virtual money in InstaCast, so they can make donation to their favorite performers and even order specified music for them to play. Some of the music live show might be tickets-only set by performers, then the users need to pay virtual money to watch. InstaCast will charge service fee once the users buy virtual money.

Premium Program for Users
Listening and interacting with performers are free for all users while they will watch advertisement during performance. If users buy premium program, they will enjoy frictionless music experience and advanced function such as limitless music following.


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