Day 5 – IdeaSeed

Hey, I got a good idea! How to make it happen?


Quiet often, we came up with great ideas suddenly, but found that there’s no existing way to develop the idea; or, we form a group of professional people for a project or startup, but lacking a good idea. To point out the problem more specifically, we list out following scenarios:

1 – Side Project Owners
In Taiwan, there are a huge group of people who have been working for years until their thirties or forties and want to start their own business. Under this age, these people are rich enough to run a startup business; however, since they’ve been working in one or a little few companies as an employee all their life, they might have limited insights on the problem they want to solve for new business.

2 – Startup Competitions / HCI Projects / ALPHA Camp
There are different institutions in Taiwan that provides a workplace for people to join startups. However, some of them start their startup journey without having a good idea. Usually, what they can do is either to join existing startup, or try to find out an idea on their own. But, good idea won’t just show out when you try to get one. In Taiwan, this kind of issue can be found in HCI Projects, Startup Competitions, or ALPHA Camp.

3 – Any Individual
We all love great ideas, and we all hope that our idea will be a big thing. However, in reality, our ideas are rarely be implemented. Or, the work we are working on are not the one that actually benefits the users. So, any individual do have the potential to share their ideas and hope that it will happen. Or, we all hope that what we do is solving the real problem, so we want the idea that is great and found by professionals.

Existing Solutions

1 – Keep Personal Idea List
For now, what we can do is to keep our own idea list, and share with people in our social circle to see if there’s anyone can work on the idea with you. Usually, this is the hardest part on developing the idea.

2 – Quirky
This is pretty similar to what we are seeking now. However, it’s focus on hardware creations; on the other hand, we are looking for a platform for software ideas. Also, this platform isn’t popular in Taiwan, we would need one that is targeting for our community.

3 – Changee Across
It’s more a platform for job hunting, instead of the thing we are focusing on – developing a brand new idea to prototype or production status. Also, not many users are using this platform since the demand and the supply doesn’t fit well, which means that the idea seekers are not be job seekers. People still need a platform for sharing new ideas.

Similar Platforms

There are few existing platforms that is similar the design/solution we want; however, they are focusing on different stage of the developing process. Here, we are talking about KickStarter and ProductHunt:

1 – Kickstarter — crowdfunding for released product
Kickstarter focuses on the stage from prototype to production instead of the idea developing stage.

2 – ProductHunt — product sharing
ProductHunt focuses on sharing their existing prototype or product to gain feedbacks from startup community.

Solution: IdeaSeed – An Idea Discussing Platform

we brought out a solution, IdeaSeed, which is a web platform where people can discuss and share their ideas.


We divide our idea into three components.
1 – Idea sharer

  • professional person from different fields: there are many problems should be solved in different fields, such as agriculture or social movement, however, sometimes the professional people from these area without technology background don’t know how to solve it.
  • startup: some people have a lot of ideas in mind but they just think about it and forget about it. If they collect them on our platform, these ideas may stimulate other people or become a success idea for real startup.

2 – Ideas
no limitation, but we hope the ideas should be something people really need or should be solved

3 – follower

  • people with skill or expertise: people can find a promising idea on our platform and contribute to it.
  • startup: some people want to startup a business but they don’t have creative idea, then they may find an interesting idea that they are not familiar with and discuss these idea to make them come true.
  • other people with similar idea: when we are brainstorming, we need to look up if there has already existed some similar ideas or think some ideas from the stimulation referring to the ideas from the platform.

Business Model

This is dual-customer thing. That is, we have two business models for us to develop. One is for the idea providers, another one is for the people who want to work on the idea. To bring out our business models, we brainstormed the Business Models Generation Canvas with post-it. The outcomes are below:



There’s one big issue to raise here: it’s hard to discover revenue streams for our platform. Therefore, what we can do is to decrease the amount of cost, and bring out the minimal product with the key features. Also, we will try to find undergraduate students to join us for earning real world working experience.

Object Structure

There will be three main object structures in order to support the design of our platform.
1 – Idea
In an idea object, we will have following attributes:

  • Title: title of the idea
  • Owner: the original user who posted this idea
  • Description: the detail of this idea
  • Status: possible status are “brand new”, “discussing”, “prototyping”, “testing”, “release”
  • Wanted People: the types of people is wanted to develop this idea, types are “developer”, “designer”, “marketing”, “user research / UX”, “project manager”, “hardware developer”
  • Like Count

2 – User
We will use Facebook login to authenticate the user, but we will also ask he or she to provide a valid email address for further usages.

3 – Log Tracker
We design this object to track the change of each ideas, so that we can provide a timeline of each ideas to learn how they are developed. Following attributes will be saved in each log tracker object:

  • Date Time: the time this log happened
  • Idea: which is the object idea
  • Previous Status: the status before the event happened
  • After Status: the status after the event
  • Description: the detailed description of this event


Followings are the actions provided for the users of our platform.

  • Read/Filter/Search the idea list
  • Add a new idea
  • Follow an idea
  • Like an idea
  • Comment on an idea
heron yang's production
Team Members are Brainstorming the Features

Design & Layout

The layout can be minimized. In order to have the features we need for the first stage, followings are the pages we need:

  • Main List: the index page of our site that contains a big idea list sorted by like count and time in default. Users are allowed to filter this list with different keywords, status, or what kind of people the idea owner is looking for.
  • Idea Page: the detail of the idea including the contact information of the idea owner, and comments of the idea.
  • Add New Idea Page: a popup dialog that allows the user to add a new idea.

Go To Market Plan

To make our design happen, we are targeting to connect our platform to a startup community as the first step. That is, we will first put some idea contents on our own, or invite people from different professions to list some. Then, we will start to co-work with startup education institutions such as ALPHACamp to provide ideas for their projects. In the same time, ourselves or startup communities can keep providing ideas or comments on ideas on the platform.


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